Change is coming.

After months and months, I have returned, the original “founder” and author for Confessions of a Depressed College Student. Now I will start by saying that life has been going well for me; I have graduated months ago and I’m starting new chapters in my life. Depression will always be a part of my life and who I have become has been a product of my depression. I came out stronger than ever before and I had my mental illness to thank for that. Weird that I’m thanking something that at times, has put me through the lowest of the low but it was something that I knew I needed to get through, and I did. You went through that journey with me and I’m thankful for each of you that has.

I have returned for an announcement about something new and exciting. Funny enough, the announcement is that I won’t be returning as an author for Confessions of a Depressed College Student, and furthermore, CDCS won’t be returning at all. Now here is why this is new and exciting: Very soon, CDCS is going to become an entirely new blog with someone else at the helm. Now it is still uncertain as to whether or not the new author will remain anonymous or not, but we’re still ironing out the details.

In the next up and coming weeks, you’re going to see the blog completely change. The name, the style, the posts, the URL, it’s all going to be brand new. The direction of the blog will be different than the direction that I always had it in, but it won’t just help the new author, but the readers as well; The blog will still be a form of a “mental health” blog; I hope that you will give them the same love and support that you gave me. I will still be involved in the blog in some form, but it won’t ever be at the capacity as it was before. A post will be made sometime in the near future with all the details of the exciting change. Thank you for being there all these years.

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