Under Construction

This is a very exciting time because the transition from “Confessions of a Depressed College Student” to “Light Up the Sky, Firefly” is underway! In the upcoming weeks, you will start seeing everything about the blog change. Layout Design will be changed, pages will be filled with more information, etc. As you have probably noticed already, the title and the URL for the blog has changed! You can now access the blog by going to:


The former URL (depressedcollegestudent.wordpress.com) will still direct you to the new blog but thankfully, the new URL is MUCH shorter than the old.

Past posts of Depressed College Student have been archived and deleted, so you will no longer be able to access them; Out with the old, in with the new! If there is a specific post that you have read in the past and would like a “copy” please email Travis at twhite12ster@gmail.com.

While we build the brand, you’re more than welcome to get a hold of Kayde! You can do that by emailing her at: lutsfirefly@gmail.com or by following “Light up the Sky, Firefly” on Twitter @lutsfirely!

We are so excited to build something awesome for you! See you soon!

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