Time to come clean

4 years. That’s the amount of time that myself and some of my guests have poured their heart and soul into this blog, but like I mentioned in the post here, change is on it’s way. The blog will be changing in it’s entirety here in the past few weeks and with that change comes one of the biggest, there will be a brand new author taking the reigns and there will no longer be any anonymity to who that may be. 

For these past 4 years, I have been hidden behind a veil of secrecy that has allowed me to express my feelings and battle with depression in a way that made sense to me. The graphic nature of most my stories were raw and uncut and allowed for a picture to be painted in the mind of someone who didn’t fight the same battles that I did. Most of these stories would “scare” the average individual and most people would see it as “a cry for help.” In a natural setting, I would have been reported due to the content of my posts and being anonymous was a way for me to talk through these things without that fear of constant scrutiny. But after all that, I have made it through. I’m alive, I graduated and I minimized the amount of depression that I allow to overtake my day-to-day life. So with that, it is time to come clean:

My name is Travis and I am an Alumni of Central Michigan University. During these past 4 years, you have been reading my “Confessions of a Depressed College Student.” There are some people who I have shared this secret with, but some I have not. It may come as a surprise to some, but I’m excited to share the news with you.

In the next few weeks this blog will no longer be “Confessions of a Depressed College Student,” It will be re-named, “Light Up the Sky, Firefly” and will be ran by my dear friend, Kayde. The design, writing style and content of the blog will change but will share some of the same ideals. I only hope that you give her the same amount of love and support that you have given me all these years.

My posts on CDCS will only remain for a short amount of time to make space for all of the new content that Kayde will bring. She will continue to help paint a picture for her readers that will not only help her through her journey, but possibly help you through yours.

Thank you to everyone that has ever reached out to me, you all mean more than you can ever imagine.